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June 16, 2017

Seaside inshore fishing has been hit and miss for flounder. Real good one day and so-so the next. Fishing the ledges from 8-20' has been the most productive. White was this weeks color of choice. Silverside minnows have been more productive than bull minnows, dressed with a gulp.
Puppy Drum are available from Fisherman's Island north up into the Machapongo River towards Willis Wharf.
Offshore the water out 20 miles warmed up to 64 degrees this week. Three Makos were chummed up off Lumpy bottom, along with numerous other sharks. Boats have taken False Albacore and Bluefish off the 26 mile hill marking large fish on the electronics, however no Tuna have been reported yet. The Parramore reef has not shown much activity for flounder yet, but with warming water temps, the will show soon. 
Bayside fishing has been the shining star. Cobia catches have been frantic. Chumming and using cut bunker has been fabulous off Onancock Creek on Parkers Island flats on the outside edges. We now have Mackerel chum infused with Menhaden oil, and it has out produced everything. Trolling with large spoons and eels will also produce Cobia, Striped Bass and Bull Red Drum in the same area.
Spring Rockfish season ended yesterday.
Casting has produced some good Speckled Trout fishing, but they seem to be moving north. Sand Mullet are in deeper water in the creek mouths and can be taken on shrimp and fish bites. Water temperature this week in Bayside was 84 degrees.

June 10, 2017

Flounder bite on the seaside is holding up well in Foley Creek, Quinby, Willis Wharf and Wachapreague. Green and pink have been the preferred colors with silversides and gulp.
Not much of an offshore bite other than sea bass and sharks.
Bayside action has been hot. Onancock is living up to it's title of Cobia Capitol. Trolling with spoons and anchored up chumming has been the hot ticket for multiple fish. Big bull Red Drum can still be taken in the same area.
Speckled trout and Rockfish are in the creeks and weeds on the flats taking soft plastics on jig heads and hard baits casted. Sand Mullet are starting to show in deeper creek holes and on ledges in the main bay. Spanish Mackerel are at the CBBT and with warmer weather will be available in our area.

May 12, 2017

Last weeks Flounder Tournament was hampered by high winds and dirty water. The only fish weighed in for the tournament were Friday and one on Saturday the week before. Things began to change this week at Quinby, Wachapreague and Folley Creek. Wednesday saw almost all boats out with limits of Flounder to 24" as the winds dropped and water clarity improved. Anglers who braved 2" rains yesterday caught Flounder.
Willis Wharf anglers scored on Speckled Trout, Bluefish, Sharks, Black Drum, Rockfish and Flounder. Fishing inside the Barrier Islands off Willis Wharf has produced great Black Drum fishing.
Quinby anglers have burning up the Black Drum, with double digit catches on some boats. Sea Clams are your best bait for Black Drum.
Surf fishing is red hot now, with catches of Red Drum, Rockfish, Black Drum and an occasional flounder. 
Bayside fishermen are still tearing up the Red Drum off Parkers Island trolling spoons. Bait fishing with peeler crab has been paying off on speckled trout, and casters are starting to catch speckled trout on plastics.
Rockfish season opens Tuesday for 20" fish and up, and plenty are available for casters in the creeks on the bayside

April 24, 2017

Update on last weeks fishing. Despite strong winds and rain, anglers that fished were rewarded with Flounder at Wachapreague up to 24".
Capt Gary Rilee of Eastern Shore Fins and Feathers burned the flounder up all week. 
The Flounder Tournament at Trident Tackle in Wachapreague kicks off this Friday.
Black Drum were taken inside Quinby inlet on sea clams.
Capt Richard Buscher of All In charters has been nailing the big Red Drum on the Bayside. The fish are stacking up on humps, ledges and starting to cruise the flats.
Gear up for the May 1st opening of the spring Rockfish trophy season.
April 12, 2017

Pack your fishing tackle and hook up your boat. Flounder have been taken with regularity since Sunday with fish up to 22" reported. Gargatha, Foley Creek and Wachapreague have been the best bet. Silversides have been out fishing other baits, but live minnows have been unavailable. We should have live minnows starting this weekend.
Look for water temps in the 50's with outgoing tides the favorite time.
Flounder stomachs revealed Mantis shrimp have been their targeted food source.
Surf casters have started to score on Black Drum at Assateague Island
March 28, 2017

The Virginia Marine Resources Commission today voted unanimously to open the recreational cobia fishery on June 1 and to close it on Sept. 15. Anglers may keep one fish per day and the daily vessel possession limit will increase from two to three fish per day. The minimum size limit will remain at 40 inches, with one fish per vessel allowed to be 50 inches or greater. Gaffing will continue to be prohibited. These measures were a compromise to appropriately manage a stock that has seen increased fishing effort in recent years.
March 2, 2017

Summer Flounder
Regulation 4 VAC 20-620-10 et seq.

Minimum Size Limit: 17 IN.

Possession Limit: 4 per person

Season: Open year-round

Capture Citation: 6 Lbs

Release Citation: 26 IN.

State Record: 17 lbs 8 oz, 1971, Charles E. Cross

The above flounder restrictions apply to Virginia tidal waters, except that in Virginia's Potomac River tributaries the minimum size limit, closed season, and possession limit will be the same as established by the PRFC for the mainstem Potomac River.

March 1, 2017

VMRC voted in their Feb 28th meeting to set the Flounder limit at four 17" fish with a year round open season. 
Many Saltwater Tournament Plaques have yet to be received, but the program will continue at least thru this year

July 8 , 2016

Flounder fishing inside the seaside inlets is slow, not much for croaker showing yet, a few kingfish are around.
Outside the inlets flounder are on the reefs and inshore wrecks in good numbers and sizes. Mixed in there you will also find spadefish, cobia and triggerfish. Off the beach the first Spanish Mackerel of the year have showed.
Offshore Bluefin Tuna showed up last Friday on the hills,with the 26 Mile Hill seeing the most action. A Yellowfin Tuna was also taken there this week with good numbers of Mahi. We haven't seen this much action in close for several years.
On the Bayside, a scattering of speckled trout are around. Rockfish still hanging around in the creeks and bays taking lures meant for trout. Gray trout and kingfish are in deeper creek holes, taking shrimp and fishbites.
Cobia action is mostly south of us toward the CBBT, but still enough fish around to keep you happy. On the buoys and structures, Spadefish, sheepshead and cobia can be taken.

June 1 , 2016

VMRC No-Cost Permits are available online at and at Don's Tackle Shop. Note that VMRC no-cost permits are most often required in addition to regular licensing. These permits are valid for the calendar year they are issued and must be renewed each year. You can obtain a COBIA RECREATIONAL VESSEL PERMIT or a COBIA RECREATIONAL SHORE-PIER PERMIT on the site at this time.

June 1 , 2016


PORTSMOUTH, Va. The Coast Guard is scheduled to discontinue 166 navigational aids within the Virginia Inside Passage (VIP) due to shoaling and other navigational safety concerns throughout the area.;Fixed aids to navigation will be removed as Coast Guard resources permit over the next several years and will be listed under an Advance Notice in future Local Notice to Mariners.;The decision follows a 2013 proposal, which identified 241 navigational aids for removal. The Army Corps of Engineers completed water surveys in 2015, and the Coast Guard, working with the state of Virginia, completed an environmental assessment in March. Following the public comment period, the Coast Guard evaluated 42 public comments and took feedback from local, state and congressional members.;The Coast Guard will continue to maintain navigational aids in Wachapreague Inlet, Great Machipango Inlet, Chincoteague Inlet and certain sections in the vicinity of Quinby Creek/Inlet that are scheduled to be dredged periodically by the Army Corps of Engineers to maintain a safe, navigable waterway. Additionally, it was determined natural deep water exists near Folly Creek, Wallops Island and at the southern tip of the VIP just northeast of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge where portions are planned to be remarked with floating buoys because the fixed aids no longer mark good water. The Coast Guard will keep or replace 52 aids and will reevaluate 23 aids upon conclusion of dredging projects;The Coast Guard is responsible for providing navigational systems, information and services that enable safe navigation.

Many of the aids within the VIP no longer accurately mark the waterway and may be misleading to the mariner a condition potentially more dangerous than having no aids to navigation at all. The Coast Guard continues to work with federal, state and local partner agencies regarding the viability of marking the waterways; however, the respective waterways must be reasonably stable and of sufficient depth for the Coast Guard to safely service the area. ;"Removing 166 navigational aids is not a decision we take lightly," said Capt. Jerry Barnes, the 5th Coast Guard District chief of prevention. "With our decision, we are balancing the needs of the local communities with the availability of federal funds to maintain these waterways. Our navigational aids guide mariners, and the presence of navigational aids signifies the Coast Guard deems a waterway safe. With the extent of shoaling in these areas, we are unable to provide a safe navigation system and cannot in good conscience continue to mark them."

June 1 , 2016

Flounder fishing is holding up fairly well as water temps are now in the mid 60's. Flounder fishing from Gargatha south to Willis Wharf is steady throughout, with the best bite on the incoming tides. The red worm hatch is in full swing on Swash Flats at Wachapreague.
Black Drum are still being caught outside Quinby inlet and surf fishermen are picking a few Rockfish and a decent bite on Red Drum. Jeff Mears weighed in a 8 1/4 pound sheepshead along with two black drum in theWachapreague surf.
Offshore anglers scored big numbers of Dolphin and Yellowfin Tuna in the Norfolk Canyon. Sea Bass are on the inshore wrecks, and Paramore Reef has Sea Bass and some Flounder were taken there last weekend.
Bayside anglers are scoring on Rockfish in the creeks, casting to them with hard baits and Zman and Bass Assassin plastic on jig heads.
Bull Red Drum and good numbers of cobia are on the edges of Pungateague flats. They are still being taken trolling spoons and sight casting with big swim baits. Anchoring up and setting up a chum line will bring in Cobia and Rockfish.
Lower bay anglers are scoring big on the Black Drum bite at Buoy 13 above the CBBT. We also weighed in a 9 1/2 pound Sheepshead taken the by the crew on Kevin Lewis' boat, and a 10 pound 11 ounce Sheepshead caught by Ray Willett both caught around Buoy 13.
Some flounder are showing around the CBBT

May 26, 2016

VSSA Cobia Regulations Set for 2016, effective June 1st.:
-1 cobia per angler 40 inches or greater total length.
-Maximum of 2 cobia per vessel for all vessels, private, charter, and inspected vessels (head boats).
-Only 1 of the 2 fish may be over 50 inches. (note you can have 2 fish between 40 and 50 inches)
-Pier and surf fisherman 1 fish per person 40 inches or better.
-Gaffing of cobia is prohibited. 
-Federal waters close June 20 (3 – 200 miles out from shore). The Chesapeake Bay is all State waters, not Federal waters. 
-Catch and release remains open and unlimited. Release citation may still be registered all year.
-Season closes August 30. 
-Landing permits will be required for everyone that comes with mandatory reporting. If you fail to report or submit did not fish reports you risk not getting a permit the following year. If you don’t have a cobia permit and land a cobia while targeting other species (like flounder) you must obtain one online (for free) before bringing that cobia home.

May 19, 2016

Flounder fishing remains good on seaside waters. Better numbers of fish are showing up. Water temps are still struggling to stay at the 60 degree mark. Weather forecast is good for today and Friday, but Saturday will be a washout with rains and wind.
Offshore Sea Bass anglers will have their first chance at Sea Bass today and tomorrow with light winds and waves only 2-3'.
Surf fishermen are still taking Black Drum and Rockfish in the surf on sea clams.
Bayside anglers are faring good with Rockfish in the creeks, and a rumor of the first catches of Speckled Trout by Saxis. Bull Red Drum are on Onancock flats and off Occahonack Creek, being taken by trolling large spoons and sight casting swim baits. Black Drum are being taken below Cape Charles by the Cabbage Patch, use sea clams for best results. 
With the upcoming season of casting in the creeks and shallows for Rockfish, puppy drum and Speckled Trout, we are offering a special on Zman. Purchase any two Zman products and get a free bag of Zman Grass Kickers or Pogy Z

May 14, 2016

This week fishing finally got off to a great start. Flounder fishing from Folley Creek down to Quinby was very good. Flounder also starting to make a showing at Willis Wharf. The normal flounder rigs with white, chartreuse, pink and orange teasers rigged with Gulp or Zman and tipped with a minnow are your best bet. Trolling with these rigs during tide movement is the best fishing. The use of drift socks lets you control your trolling speed. At slack tide jig a bucktail tipped with a Gulp or Zman, and add a dropper loop 12" above your bucktail for a 4/0 or 5/0 hook rigged with a Gulp or Zman. The top hook on this bucktail rig will usually outfish the bucktail. 
Also inside the inlet are good numbers of large rockfish, bluefish and some gray trout. In the breakers outside black drum and rockfish are being caught on sea clams.
May 15th is opening day of Sea Bass season and the last day of Trophy Rockfish season.
On the bayside Red Drum are thick off Parkers Island and off the mouth of Occohanack Creek. Troll 4-10' of water with big Drone Spoons, Tonys or Hopkins spoons. Keep a rod tied up with a big swim shad or jerk bait to sight cast into the schools.

May 13, 2016

Flounder fishing has been real good for the past few days.

May 8, 2016

Water and debris from this week's storms and super high tides finally to start to clean out yesterday on the outgoing tide. Water temp was 52 degrees at 11 AM when we started to fish. Three and a half hours we caught 8 fish trolling, water temps got up to 55 degrees when we quit. 
Birds were working inside the inlet, netters are getting plenty of 40"+ Rockfish. Surf fishermen are doing well on Rockfish and Black Drum. These fish are also showing up inside the inlets at Quinby and Willis Wharf.
Bayside fishing is limited to Bull Red Drum showing up on the flats, and Rockfish. Big Rockfish are heading down the channels after their spawning run up the bay, and smaller resident fish are in the creeks and creek mouths. Only one Rockfish a day over 36" is legal, trophy season's last day is May 15. After that one a day on the ocean side over 28", two a day on the bayside of which only one can be larger than 28", but minimum size is 20". Spring Trophy Rockfish permits are required till May 16.
Next week's weather forecast is showing warm temps and sunny days, that should put the fish on the feed.

May 6, 2016

Weekend weather forecast is Saturday 5-10 MPH winds out of the south, Sunday 10-15 MPH west and sunshine, highs 65-70 degrees.Monday and Tuesday close to 80, winds 5-10 Monday and Tuesday morning.







May 5, 2016






Winds and high tides from the winds have left mats of loose floating grass yesterday and today. This has hampered Flounder fishing a lot. We rode around for over an hour Wednesday looking for good water. Where the water clarity was fish able, mats of grass covered the surface. A disappointing day since some good fishing had just occurred before Monday and Tuesday night's storms. Winds out of the north 20-30 MPH and tides into the roads kept most fishermen off the water today.

May 3, 2016

The flounder bite turned on this weekend and was hot today. One boat came in today at 11:30 with a 3 man limit of 12 fish to 22". Just need to find clean water.
Rockfish are thick inside and outside the inlet at Wachapreague, with black drum in the surf.

April 30, 2016

Flounder fishing is on the upswing, we need warmer sunnier days with less wind to cash in. Some nice catches were made today out of Wachapreague.
Black Drum catches outside the inlets on seaside is starting to pick up. Big Rockfish are also mixed in. Fishing the surf with clams will catch both. Sunday is opening season for Rockfish, one a day over 36".
Bayside catches of Bull Red Drum are getting good off the flats of Pungateague and Occahonack Creeks. Trolling big spoons, Drones, Hopkins and Tony spoons are doing the trick.

April 29, 2016

May 1-June 15, 2016 --- Virginia Trophy Size Striper Season for the Chesapeake Bay and Tributaries, Coastal waters (Territorial Seas): Possession Limit: 1 per person. Minimum Size Limit: 36 inches. 

Trophy-Size Permit and Catch Report Required for any Trophy-Size Striped Bass kept during Trophy Season. Trophy permits can be obtained at

April 15, 2016

Ron fished 2 hours in a 10-15 mph NE wind, caught eleven fish. Kept 2 limits of 17-21" fish.

April 15, 2016

We fished two hours of the first of the incoming tide at Wachapreague yesterday, winds were NE 10-15 MPH, water temp topped off at 49.6 degrees while we were out. Caught 11 flounder and kept our 2 man limit of 8 fish, biggest fish 21". All fish were caught on Chartreuse, white or a combo of the two colors. Water was just a little tinted with mud, very fishable but wind was tough to deal with.

April 12, 2016

Update to flounder fishing: Sunday afternoon late on the outgoing tide fish turned on. One of our customers had 6 fish, 2 people in another boat had 3 fish and two other boats had fish. That probably was all the boats on the water Sunday afternoon. Looks like it's time to pack your gear up and come catch!

April 11, 2016

We have some specials going at the shop to bring in the fishing season.
Two flounder outfits:
Okuma Classic XT 200 and 300 conventional reels mounted on 6' Penn Mariner boat rods or
Shimano Cantana 4000FC spinning reel mounted on a 6' Contour Rod.
Both we have spooled with premium monofilament, come with a coastline snap swivel attached, and you get your pick of any Fin Strike rig to go with it.

Another awesome special is: buy two packs of 4" Gulp Swimming Mullet and get a free bag of Gulp Shrimp. Berkley has a rebate for $15 for 4 bags of Saltwater Gulp. That totals up to $2.42 per bag for 6 bags of Berkley Saltwater Gulp Baits.
Berkley also has a $10 rebate for a one pint jar, or $10 rebate for two half pint jars of Berkley Alive Salt Water Baits. In the jars we have in stock 4" Swimming Mullet, 3' and 4" Shrimps, 5" and 7" Jerk Shads, Squidos, Belly Strips and 8" eels.
Hurry in to pick out your favorite bait and check out the half price deals on the table at the front door.

April 10, 2016

We don't have much of a report of fishing. Very, very few flounder caught so far this year due to weather. Constant winds to 40 MPH have hampered fishing, which caused muddy water and cold temps have pushed the water temps back into the 40's. Flounder Tournaments start this Friday, and we are not expecting much for catches until the second week. Trolling for flounder has become popular here in the spring, but cold water means lethargic fish and slow jigging a bucktail with a baited dropper hook might be the best catching method this next week. Flounder regulations are still four fish over 16" per person. Do not forget to renew your FIN numbers. Tautog season closes the end of the month, for the few times it has been fishable, tog catches have been good in the ocean and the Chesapeake Bay structures.

March 23, 2016


March 22, 2016

Federal closure of summer cobia season angers angler

March 14, 2016

There has been a change in the Citation requirement for Flounder. The minimum weight requirement for 2016 has been lowered to 6 pounds. The minimum length requirement for a Release Citation for Flounder remains the same at 26 inches or longer.

To qualify for a Release Citation when fishing alone:
1. The angler must be fishing alone; they have no witnesses.
2. The angler must supply the weigh master with a clear, side view photograph of the fish on a measuring device that clearly shows the length of the fish.
This photograph must be supplied to the weigh station within 7 days of the catch. The picture needs to be attached to the Citation entry form when mailed to our office by the weigh master or it can be emailed to:

October 27, 2015

Not much for vingering around. A few Kingfish still available and a scattering of Bluefish inside the inlets. Kingfish, Bluefish and Red Drum showing up in the surf.
Inshore reefs and wrecks holding Sea Bass and Tog.
Offshore deep dropping for Tilefish and jumbo Sea Bass is the best bet.
On the Bayside, find the bait and the fish will be close. Inside Bayside creeks Rockfish are available, but most fish under the 20" minimum. Casting ZMan, Bass Assassin and curl tail grubs picking up some fish in skinny water, but casting top water poppers and walk the dog lures bring the most exciting action. Fishing outside the creeks on deeper drops around bait with jigging spoons and 7" chartreuse Zman jerk shads will put bigger Stripers in the box.
Good numbers of small Speckled Trout in the creeks on flood tide, hopefully they'll winter over providing good fishing for the next few years.

September 10, 2015

Flounder fishing is still fairly good on inshore reefs and wrecks in the ocean. Triggerfish and Sea Bass are still around, along with an occasional Mahi. A few Flounder, Croaker, Spot and Kingfish are available inside the inlets.
On the bayside Bull Red Drum are still off of Nassawadax and Occohonack Creeks. In deeper holes in the creeks, bottom fishing has been good for Spot, Kingfish and a few decent size Croakers. Fishing with Shrimp and Bloodworm scented fishbites will put these in the cooler. We have just loaded up on Fishbites for the anglers.
Rockfish season opens up Oct 4th, and they are starting to make a good showing in the creeks now.

August 28, 2015

Seaside fishing inside the inlets is slowing down. Bottom fishing is producing a few flounder, Spot, Croaker and Pigfish. Shark fishing can be productive using bunker and spot on a fish finder rig in a chum slick.
A few Speckled Trout and Redfish are starting to show in the creeks, but are few in numbers so far.
Reef fishing in the ocean is still producing flounder, with a mixed bag of Cobia, triggerfish, spadefish, Sea Bass and Dolphin also available.
Trolling for dolphin over wrecks and around pot balls can be good, especially using Shimano Waxwings. Find a school and go back and pitch bait to them will help fill a cooler.
Bayside fishing is still hot from Occohonack to Nassawadox Creeks for Bull Red Drum and Cobia. Bottom fish with fish finder rigs using cut bunker, spot or peeler crab has been producing the best. Jigging with 4-6 ounce jig heads tipped with Zman 7" jerk shads will also get Redfish, flounder and Rockfish.
Bottom fishing on the Bayside has been producing mixed bags of Gray Trout, Croaker and spot. A few sand mullet are also thrown into the mix if you fish with shrimp.
Rockfish are starting to show back up in the creeks with the water temps dropping a little.
Trolling for Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish is still good in the Onnancock Creek area. Clark spoons on #1 planers or behind in line weights will fool these tasty gamefish.

August 16, 2015

Spanish Mackerel have shown up from Crammy Hack south past Nassawadox Creek. They are feeding in the tide lines on the Eastern side of the Bay. Troll for them with 4-8 oz inline weights, or #1 planers followed behind by #00 or #0 Clark spoons. Some days gold spoons outfish silver. You can also get them by casting into breaking fish with Gotcha metal plugs or small spoons.
Other new arrivals to the Bay are nice size croakers. Fish have shown up on the east side of the shipping channel north of the Range light in 40-50' of water.

We had our first youth citation for the year today. Young Reade Belote caught and released a 46" Red Drum on a small spoon while trolling for Spanish Mackerel. Great job young man!

August 15, 2015

Seaside fishing inside the inlets is slow for keeper flounder. Look for clean water in deeper channels, and the north end of Parramore Island around the inlet. Jigging with bucktails continues to be a top producer. Croaker and spot are hitting shrimp, squid and fishbites. Tarpon still available from Quinby south to Oyster in the guts and on the flats at high tides.
Reef and in shore wreck fishing still showing plenty of flounder, and a variety of triggerfish, spadefish, cobia and occasional dolphin. Tuna action heated up this week in the Washington Canyon for chunkers and trollers.
Bayside fishing is hot off of Bayford between buoys 42A and 42 for Cobia and Bull Red Drum. Fish are hitting bunker, spot and peeler crab bottom fishing on a fish finder rig. Sharks are a problem on your tackle, fishing with peeler crab keeps them away.
We are still waiting for a showing of speckled trout and Redfish.

August 14, 2015

Attention boaters!
All boaters will be required by July 15, 2016 to have passed a boaters safety course. Virginia boater safety card is not good in all states, however if you have the Coast Guard approved card, it will be accepted in all states.
Our Coast Guard Auxiliary is offering two sets of classes, one in the fall and one over the winter.
Fall class is going to be held at the Barrier Island Center. Classes for the Virginia Card are September 19th and September 26th, from 10 AM till 4 PM. To receive a Coast Guard Boating Skills card you will need to also take two additional classes on October 3rd and 10th, from 10 AM till 4 PM.
Classes are administered by the Coast Guard Auxiliary , there is a donation fee of $20 for the Virginia Card and the workbooks are taken back by the Coast Guard. If you take both courses, a $35 donation will be taken, but you get to retain the books and materials.
Winter classes are two sessions, a total of seven weeks for both cards. Classes will be from 7-9:30 PM on Wednesdays and Fridays, January and February tentatively scheduled at Craddockvile United Methodist Church.
To schedule or questions contact Russell Vreeland, USCG Aux , telephone 757-442-7029

August 5, 2015

Flounder fishing inside the inlets has slowed, but some keepers are available. Croaker are filtering in but not in good numbers or sizes yet.
Good numbers of tarpon are rolling from Oyster to Quinby. Live baiting is the best method, but casting to fish with a swim shad produces good results.
Flounder on the reefs is slowing, but a good bite is still there. More flounder are showing up on the inshore wrecks, as well as some sea bass, with a lot of throw backs. Mahi have been caught everywhere from 8 miles out. Canyon fishermen are finding white and blue marlin, but low numbers of tuna. Canyon temps have been from 80-84 degrees.
Good numbers of nice size Cobia and spadefish have been showing over the Liberty Ships on R10 buoy, as well as triggerfish on the structures.
Bayside fishermen are picking up a few spot, croaker and grey trout in the deeper holes around creek mouths. A decent bite for croaker has been in 40-45' water range north of the Range light tower off Silver Beach. CBBT fishermen are still scoring on Cobia both sight fishing and chumming. Expect a lot of sharks in your chum line.
Off Bayford outside buoy 42A the Bull Red Drum are showing up . Anchor up and fish with crab, bunker, croaker or spot on a fish finder rig. This is a catch and release fishery and is highly regulated by Virginia Marine Police.

July 22, 2015

Flounder fishing remains fair with most boats getting 3-8 keepers out of Wachapreague. One Quinby fisherman had a limit of keepers and seven shorts to 20" yesterday in two hours. Folley Creek has been giving up fish on the end of the incoming tide, with some taken off the flats. Silversides, Gulp and Zman scented baits have been producing the best. Croaker have started to show inside seaside inlets. Shrimp and squid are top bets for them.
Ocean flounder fishing is hot, but wind has hampered times available. Reef, inshore wrecks and live bottom have all been producing fish. However we have not seen any real quality fish as of yet.
Offshore Dolphin and False Albacore have provided the most action. Fishermen in the Washington Canyon that were lucky enough to find tuna had most of them eaten up by sharks.

Bayside fishing has slowed for Cobia, most action is around the CBBT sight casting and anchored up on Latimers Shoal or Middle Grounds. Bull Red Drum are starting to show at 42A off Bayford. Schoolie Rockfish in the creeks, but season is closed. Spot, croaker, sand mullet and gray trout are showing in Pungateague and Occohonack Creeks.

July 7, 2015

Flounder fishing in the inlets of Wachapreague and Metompkin inlet at Folley Creek is still a good bet. A lot of short fish around, but plenty of keepers to put in the fish box. Long strips of squid, fish strips or Gulp belly strips and silversides are getting the most action. Pink flounder rigs or white bucktails have been the trick. Heavy rains this week have muddied the waters, making the incoming tide the best bite.

Ocean fishing on the reefs has produced good numbers of flounder and several stray Dolphin. Cobia also available here.
Blue water anglers struck gold this week, offshore Gulfstream waters pushed in and Bluefin Tuna were taken on Sam's Hill, Yellowfins, bull Dolphin and Wahoo hookups had Lumpy Bottom busy. Dolphin are showing up every where, the Hills, Navy Buoys and 20 fathom finger have been most productive. Trollers are hooking up with ballyhoo behind blue /white skirts.
Chunking Yellowfins on the 20 fathom areas starting producing.

Bayside fishing still is good for Cobia, as Capt BW James had 3 nice fish one afternoon.
Croaker have shown up on the 40' contour between Occohonack Reef and the the Range Light Tower as well as Mudhole inside Pungategue Creek.

June 29, 2015

Daniel Nussbaum of Z-Man Fishing Products explains the best techniques on how to rig ElaZtech soft baits on jig heads.

June 28, 2015

Fishing for flounder inside the inlets has slowed some, but plenty of fish are still available, with Folley Creek at the top of the list. Gulp baits and silversides are top producers on bucktails and flounder rigs, Aqua Clear rigs with Mylar fish attractors have been a great bait.

Ocean flounder fishing is red hot, Capt Meriwether Payne's charters have burning up the flounder with daily limits over 20", and fish over six pounds.

Offshore fishing is heating up, Capt Keith Neal... had two good trips this week in the Washington Canyon. His charters this week had blue Marlin, one around 700#, yellowfin tuna in the 70# class and gaffer Dolphin.

Sea Bass can be found inshore in smaller sizes around live bottom and structure, larger size fish are being found mostly on offshore structure, hard bottom and wrecks. Dolphin are showing up everywhere from the inshore wrecks to the canyons.

Bayside fishing has spadefish around floating structures and over submerged structures. Some sand mullet have shown in small numbers, Cobia are still available. Now some of the best fishing is on Latimer Shoal, Middle Grounds and sight casting around the CBBT

June 20, 2015

Flounder fishing inside the inlets continues to be good this week despite warming water temps. Folley Creek has been the hotspot this week followed by Wachapreague. Jigging bucktails has produced good fish, tipping your bucktail with a Gulp swimming mullet or Zman Jerk Shad. White bucktails or pink flounder rigs have produced the most fish.

Ocean anglers have had some great Mahi fishing, with a lot of fish over the 20# mark. Smaller sea bass are on the in shore wrecks and the reef. Parramore Reef has a good number of flounder on it, as well as Cobia over the structures.
Bayside fishing is centered on the great numbers of Cobia we have available to anglers. Onancock is living up to its "Cobia Capital of the World" name. Anchoring off Onancock on the 10' breaklines is still producing good numbers and size of Cobia.
Spadefishing around floating structures is still hot.

Sight casting for Cobia or fishing the bridge columns for Sheepshead is top notch fishing around the CBBT

June 15, 2015

Fishing inside the inlets has been very good this week. Last weeks rain and cold front got the water temps down to 62 degrees and held fish in to feed that might have headed out to cooler water in the ocean. Water temps are 69-74 degrees this weekend. Pink has been the color preference this week, and fish a floating rig to stay out of the cabbage grass if fishing in shallower water. Crabbers have been picking up a lot of flounder in their pots in 5-8' of water, but the most productive fishing has been on deeper structure and ledges. The inlet area around the old Coast Guard Station has had the most interest.

Outside the inlet a few flounder are showing up on the Paramore Reef, wrecks and live bottom. Sea Bass can also be taken around these areas, but the best Sea Bass fishing is out further in deeper water. Cobia are starting to show around structure in our ocean areas.

Canyon fishing earlier in the week was hot for Dolphin, Yellowfins and Big Eye Tuna in the Norfolk Canyon. Weekend Tuna bite there was on the east end, but boats had nice gaffer dolphin in the 20# class.

On the Bayside action has got hot. Monday June 15th is the end for spring Rockfish season. Fish on the outside of creeks and marsh banks for Rockfish up to 26" on top water plugs, plastic baits and Mirrolures. We just had a special pour done for us from Zman of the 7" Jerk Shad Z in chartreuse with extra silver flakes scented with inshore scent Pro Cure. That is an awesome bait fished on a jig head or rigged weedless.

Some Bull Red Drum can still be found around the Middle Grounds north of the CBBT. The CBBT is covered up with Cobia, and sight casting to them is the best method there. On the Middle grounds and all the way north to Onancock Creek Cobia can be found on breaklines and around markers and buoys. Some of the best fishing has been had outside Onancock, anchor up on the 10' breakline there, and fish with crab and bunker. You will have sharks also take your bunker baits, but they don't mess with the crab. Capt BW James of James Gang Charters had two outstanding evenings there boating six nice cobia, call him at 757-710-2050 to get schooled on cobia fishing. Capt Richard Buscher has been hooking them up out of Morley's Wharf on the Occohonack Creek, his number is 757-710-5585.

Excellent fishing for spadefish is available the buoys markers and towers, chum with shredded clams and use small bits of sea clams baited up on a #1 or #2 heavy duty hook. Fish them at multiple depths until you find their level in the water column. Use a float, split shot and worm weights or egg sinkers to find depth desired for the strike zone.

Speckled trout and Redfish fishing has not materialized as of yet, we are still looking

June 1 , 2015

Seeing a flounder on bait isn’t something you see every day. 

John Skinner presents some incredible video of flounder and their behavior on flukes as it drags near the ocean floor. He presents his case of their behavior after watching hours of video where these fish often hold the bait and swimming with it.

This video gives an interesting perspective and insight to some behavior you wouldn’t be able to see any other way.

May 25, 2015

Flounder fishing came on strong last Sunday thru Tuesday and mid week winds and a passing front killed the good bite until Saturday, when it started picking up again. Sunday saw lots of fish being caught, many of them over 22". Numbers of fish have moved up onto the flats, as some bloodworms have been coming out of the mud. Pink and chartreuse colors have been the baits of preference. Bluefish to 12 pounds are cruising inside the inlets, large balls of Alewives have shown up inside Wachapreague's inlet bringing in predator fish.

Rockfish numbers are dwindling as they head north up the coast, but Bull Red Drum are showing up, and the black drum bite is still hot inside Quinby and Machipongo inlets. Top producing baits are sea clams, peeler crabs, cut spot and Bunker.

Some stray kingfish and croakers have been taken inside the inlets, but not enough to make bottom fishing productive.

On the bayside, schoolie Rockfish are still on the outer flats and in the creek mouths. Speckled trout and puppy drum have not made a showing yet, but our plane and helicopter spotters are still seeing large schools of big red drum from Occohonack Creek north to Onancock Creek, fish are schooled in 4-10' of water, but the bite has slowed. These fish have been affected by the huge barometric changes from our weather last week. Trolling spoons and casting large plastic swim baits has been the most productive methods for these fish, however anchored up bottom fishing crab, spot or cut bunker has also produced.
Black Drum fishing is hot on the Middle Grounds and the Cabbage Patch above the CBBT. Bottom fishing has produced only small numbers of croakers and gray trout. Start looking for Spadefish to show up around the towers and buoys, as the first fish here are always the oversize variety. Get your spadefish hooks and sea clams ready!

May 17, 2015

Flounder fishing in Wachapreague is still good. Limits came in today for some of our customers. White bucktail teasers have been the preferred bait the end of this week as the waters have cleared from mid weeks blow. Smelt and finger mullet have been picking up bigger fish for bait, silversides(shiners) remain great bait. Outside the inlets of Wachapreague and Quinby black drum and Rockfish can be caught in the surf. Sea Clams are the best bait. Capt Gary Rilee posted a clip today on his Facebook page of a huge school of Bull Red Drum 300 yards off the beach.

Bayside fishing for Bull Red Drum continues good for Bull Red Drum in 4-10'of water from Parkers Island south to Silver Beach. Troll large spoons for lures and when a school is spotted, cast into them with 8-10" swim baits, or anchor up and wait them out using peeler crab, cut spot or bunker.

Good fishing for Black Drum has been going on from south of the CBBT at Buoy 13 up to the Cabbage Patch.

May 14, 2015

Regulation 4 VAC 20-252-10 et seq.

Virginia Coastal Seasons:
January 1 through March 31...
May 16 through December 31

Minimum Size Limit: 28 inches
Possession Limit: 1 per person (Effective: 1/1/2015)

Note that there is a coastal trophy season from May 1 to May 15; the regulations summarized below for Virginia Trophy Seasons apply to the coastal trophy season.

Coastal regulations apply in Virginia's Territorial Sea, plus all of the creeks, bays, inlets, and tributaries on the seaside of Accomack County, Northhampton County (including areas east of the causeway from Fisherman Island to the mainland) and the City of Virginia Beach (including federal areas and state parks fronting on the Atlantic Ocean and east and south of the point where the shoreward boundary of the Territorial Sea joins the mainland at Cape Henry).

Virginia Trophy Seasons:
Coastal Area (May 1-15); Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries (May 1 through June 15)

Minimum Size Limit: 36 inches
Possession Limit: 1 per person

Additional Trophy Season Regulations:
A no-cost Trophy Season Permit is required to participate in the Spring Trophy Season. Additional Trophy Season Regulations: Catch Report Required; no possession of 36" or greater striped bass in the Spawning Reaches May 1 through June 15. Trophy Season regulations apply in Virginia's Territorial Sea and the Chesapeake Bay and its Virginia tributary rivers, except for the tributary rivers emptying into the Potomac River

Chesapeake Bay Spring Season:
May 16 through June 15

Minimum Size Limit: 20 inches
Maximum Size Limit: 28 inches
Possession Limit: 2 per person

*1 fish of the 2 fish possession limit may be larger than 36 inches ( catch report required if striped bass 36" or greater is kept ); No possession of 36" or greater striped bass in the Spawning Reaches May 1 through June 15.

Chesapeake Bay Fall Season:
October 4 through December 31

Minimum Size Limit: 20 inches
*Maximum Size Limit: 28 inches

Possession Limit - October 4 through December 31: 2 per person

*Two stripers per day with a minimum size of 20 inches and a maximum size of 28 inches, although one of those two fish may be greater than 28 inches.

Chesapeake Bay regulations for both the Spring and Fall seasons described above apply in the main stem of the Chesapeake Bay and Virginia's Chesapeake Bay tributary rivers, except for the tributary rivers emptying into the Potomac River.

Other Virginia restrictions: You may not combine possession limits when seasons overlap or you fish in multiple jurisdictions.

Gaffing striped bass or attempting to gaff striped bass is illegal in Virginia marine waters.

Federal water striped bass regulations: Atlantic Ocean waters beyond the 3 mile limit are closed to the taking and possession of striped bass all year.

May 12, 2015

Flounder activity on the seaside waters continues to be sporadic with best results coming from trolling, to cover more water. Using single hook or float rigs while trolling results in less fouled lines from cabbage grass and brown slur. Some croakers were taken out of seaside channels.
Black Drum fishing is hot inside the inlet on the south end of Hog Island out of Willis Wharf. Sea clams and chowders are top baits. Outside the Barrier Islands Rockfish and Black Drum are being hammered in the surf.
Bayside fishing is also hot, Bull Red Drum are being nailed on large spoons slow trolled in 4-10' of water, as well as sight casting 7-9" jerk baits to the schools of big Reds.
Black Drum are being caught from the CBBT to north above the Cabbage Patch.
After May 15th when Rockfish season opens for over 20" fish, look for Rockfish, Speckled Trout and Puppy Drum inside the creek mouths with warming water temps.
Gray Trout and croakers were caught off the pier at Harborton, so bottom fishing is starting to be productive.

May 6, 2015

Flounder fishing improves at Wachapreague. We fished 2 1/2 hours of the outgoing tide 11 fish with eight keepers to 5#.
Bayside fishermen are having the best Spring fishing for Bull Red Drum to 52". Interested in having a top day of fishing call Capt BW James at 757ー710ー2050 or contact James Gang Charters at BW specializes in light tackle and can accommodate fly fishing parties also. Black Drum fishing at Cabbage Patch on the Bayside.

May 4, 2015

Flounder Tournament ended Sunday with a 6# 12 oz fish winning. After Friday's Northeast storm and rain, water temps dropped to 52 degrees. Water warmed Sunday to 57 degrees. A very good afternoon bite developed on the outgoing tide. We even managed a 37 1/2" Rockfish. Large mats of grass hampered fishing in Swash Bay, and Burton's Bay had dirty water.
Rockfish and Black Drum are being taken in the surf of the Barrier Islands.
Bayside fishing is hot for Bull Red Drum on the flats off Onancock Creek. Trolling big spoons will do the trick to catch them in 4-12' of water.

April 30, 2015

There is a new leader in the Wachapreague Flounder tournament, 6# 12 oz. Second is a 6# 2 oz and third is 5# 13 oz. Water temps are 58-59 degrees, with great water clarity, but we'll see what it is after a NE storm Friday.

April 28, 2015

Flounder Tournament leading fish is 6# 2 oz. Numerous 5# plus fish have been weighed, as we caught one yesterday that was 24 1/2" but weighed only 5# 1 ounce. Water temps last week were 64.5 degrees. Cooler weather with wind has the temps down to 53 degrees almost everywhere. Some Rockfish and Bluefish up to 12 pounds have been caught by flounder fisherman this week.
Black Drum still have not made it as far north as us yet, but we have the Sea Clams for when they do.
Bayside fishing has started with the catch and release of two big Bull Red Drum by Capt BW James on the flats off Onancock Creek.

April 21, 2015

Today we fished the outgoing tide out of Wachapreague inlet. Caught 9 Flounder in the Bull Head and Green Channel areas, largest was 21", 4 1/2 pounds. Water temps up to 64 1/2 degrees. Kept 6 fish, Charteuse and orange were the best colors.

April 19, 2015

Here is an overhead view of the inlet of Wachapreague now. Parramore Island is on the left, now sporting a beach Ocean City would be proud of. Note the new shoal outside of Parramore, that will make for some top notch surf fishing! The top right part of the photo is what is left of Cedar Island. What is gone from Cedar presents a boating hazard as the water over it is not navigable.

April 19, 2015

Flounder numbers are getting better, but a good run of fish has still not invaded the inlet. We fished two days this week, boating 4 Friday and two Saturday. Of these fish, only one was undersize and four were 20-23". Top producing baits have been White or Chartreuse bucktail teasers with a chartreuse grub on the hook tipped with a bull minnow.
With the new moon this week, very extreme tides, as yesterday was the lowest water I have ever seen in Wachapreague. Six ounces of weight was required to hold bottom on a slow troll, if fishing more than 10' of water. This extreme outflow of water has stirred up the bottom, muddying the water at the last two hours of ebb tide. Channels are full of Silversides and Alewives, and a seal is still hanging around the upper end of Drawing Channel. Black Drum have been caught on clams off the beaches south of Oyster for the last week. Fish should be up close to us now also. Thrown in were a few Bull Red Drum.

April 15, 2015

We are fully stocked with silversides, smelt, finger mullet, frozen minnows, squid, shrimp, and LIVE minnows!

We are fully stocked on flounder rigs, sinkers, and bucktails, as well as parts to make your own flounder rigs.

April 12, 2015

Flounder started showing up this weekend. One fish was caught Saturday, and two boats landed three fish each today. One boat out of the campground had a throwback and a 17" and 19" keeper. The shop was slow and I closed at 1 PM. My fishing buddy was at the marina working on his boat when I went by and we decided to fish. We went out to Burton's Bay, water temps were 47-52 degrees. Fished there two two hours with no action, headed south to Bradford Bay and the Swash. Water temps there were 54-58 degrees. We ended up putting three Flounder in the box, 23",20" and 17". Fish were in 12-23' of water. Water clarity was decent and Charteuse skirt and trailer was the only color bit

April 1, 2015

It's now time to start talking about the following fishing seasons -

Black Drum will be off the coast of the Eastern Shore of Virginia from the Wachapreague Inlet (in the surf) and south towards Cheriton. Also, they will be inside the Great Machipongo Inlet in Quinby.
Available in the shop are rigs, hooks, new line, and clams (which are needed for fishing for Black Drum)
We will be looking for them around the middle of April.

Flounder will be here as soon as the water reaches 55-58 degrees. At the moment, the water temp. has been in the area of 45 deg. at VIMS, near the Wachapreague Town Marina.
Everything needed for your flounder fishing is now in stock!
Live Minnows will be available at Don's Tackle on Saturday, April 4.

Chesapeake Bay Striper season begins May 16 and ends June 15. All of your necessary striper fishing lures and rigs are available in store now!

October 12, 2014

Few flounder catches reported on the seaside. Sea Bass have moved onto inshore wrecks, but season does not reopen until October 18th. The good news is reports of Redfish coming down the beach and a few being taken inside the inlets. Winds have made it almost impossible for offshore runs. Bayside fishing has picked up with good numbers of small speckled trout (undersized) showing up in the creeks with a few decent fish mixed in. Rockfish will be following the bait in and out of the creeks, but when inside can be taken shallow on top water plugs. What sand mullet that are being taken are the jumbo variety.
A good bite on Flounder south of Cape Charles in the 25' range over muscle beds this week, outside Cherrystone. Lots of schoolie Rockfish at the CBBT.
Thanks to Capt Greg Allman for a nice half day trip in miserable weather to the target ships casting for Rockfish and Bluefish. Despite 3-5' seas we managed to put fish in the box, contact him at 757-710-8218 for a great light tackle trip on board a comfortable Regulator boat.

August 24, 2014

Ocean fishing for flounder is still the best bet on seaside. Sea Bass have moved off the inshore wrecks, but weedlines have drifted in and with them some hungry Mahi. Billfishing in the Canyons has heated up and Tuna are scarce.
Inside the inlets, croaker are abundant and Sand Mullet are around in good sizes. The best flounder bite is around the inlets with cooler ocean water coming in triggering ...a bite.
Bayside fishing has Bull Red Drum being the most targeted fish. We have had close to 50 citation releases in the last 10 days. Occahonack and Pungateague Creeks have had a good number of jumbo spot show up this week. Large croakers are from Occahonack reef south to the Rappahannock range tower. Outside the Range tower to the channel markers good numbers of Spanish Mackerel have been taken trolling Clarkspoons.
Speckled Trout numbers are low and Puppy Drum have been almost nonexistent.
The Anglers Club Bay Challenge is coming up on Sept 20th, and it has not been publicized, but all Virginia water is fishable, seaside or bayside. Great prizes are to be handed out.

August 16, 2014

Flounder fishing on the reefs and wrecks off Wachapreague and Chincoteague is still holding the most attention on seaside fishing. Sea Bass are showing up on the same structures, with triggerfish and spadefish also available. Also prowling these areas are cobia and dolphin, keep a casting rod handy to catch one of these as they swim by. Tuna fishing has been sporadic, and the Marlin bite is getting better.
Inside the inlets croaker are king, with many smaller fish the rule. Keeper flounder are found in the inlet areas, with many smallfish mixed in.
Only reports of Redfish and Speckled Trout on the seaside have been on the Machipongo River out of Willis Wharf. Tarpon still around from south end of Hog Island to Fisherman's Island in the backwaters. With the extreme tides from this big moon, fish have dropped into the channels on low tides.
Bayside fishing has croaker and sand mullet taking squid and shrimp. Spanish Mackerel in good numbers have showed from the Range Tower off Silver Beach south to Cape Charles. Best lures for them are gold and silver Clark Spoons trolled behind 4 ounce in line sinkers or #1 planers.
Take note: the Bull Red drum fishing we have is a catch and release fishery. Great numbers of them are available from Nassawadox south to the CBBT. Virginia Marine Police this week have written citations for anglers trying to sneak in Red Drum. The slot size for Red Drum is 18-26" to legally keep.

August 11, 2014

Caution: Wachapreague Channel and Bradford Bay Dredging.

Mariners are advised regarding the potential navigational hazards during this dredging operation while transiting near the dredge and the dredge piping. The Dredge Marion will be working various sections of Wachapreague Channel and Bradford Bay Channel for a 4-6 week period during August –September 2014. During that time, transit by boats will be restricted during dredging operations. The dredge is very large (130’ x 26’) and its dredging apparatus will expand the area the dredge takes up in the channel. Mariners are advised that the Dredge Marion has Right of Way pursuant to the Rules of the Road and that a no wake zone will exist within the construction area; both situations will be monitored by the U.S. Coast Guard.

In addition, there will be discharge piping from the dredge to a disposal site in Bradford Bay that mariners will need to be aware of while navigating around the dredge as well as transiting Bradford Bay. The channel in Bradford Bay is the alternate route to Wachapreague Inlet and is the preferable route to Green and Drawing Channels. Depending upon the contractor’s final routing plan, the dredge discharge pipe will be marked and may cross the channel, submerged in Bradford Bay. If this is the case, boaters should be aware, that during a falling and low tide, there may be boat draft clearance difficulties while going over the submerged piping, so extreme caution is advised, especially for deeper draft boats. The final discharge pipe routing is still to be determined.

Bridge to bridge communications with the dredge and the US Coast Guard will be monitored on VHF Channel 13.

August 8, 2014

Fishing inside the inlets has summer time patterns. Lots of croaker available with many on the small side, squid and shrimp are the best baits. Keeper Flounder have been found around the inlets, best bite the last hour and a half of the incoming tide until the first hour of the outgoing tide.
Tarpon fishing is still strong from Quinby south to Oyster in the channels and backwaters.
Outside the inlets reef fishing off Wachapreague and Chincoteague is still red hot. Limits of flounder abound, many fish to 7 pounds. Also expect some action from spadefish and triggerfish. On the wrecks further out flounder are starting to show, with a scattering of sea bass. Cobia and Mahi can show up anywhere from the reefs out.
On the bayside, big Bull Red Drum are in 25-40' of water from Onancock south to Bayford. Reds and Cobia are showing up over artificial reef structures, sloughs and muscle beds. Anchoring up and fishing cut bunker and spot, or live lining eels and blue crabs will put Reds and Cobia in the boat. Start inside buoy 42A on the muscle beds.
Speckled Trout and Redfish have been hard to find, with few fish reported.

July 31, 2014

Let us clear the air on Summer Flounder fishing in the ocean. This week we called NOAA National Marine Fisheries Comm. The legal size and number limit is the same as whatever state you debarked to fish from. Va ocean flounder limits and sizes are four 16" fish.

July 27, 2014

Seaside fishing in the inlets has seen flounder biting best the last two hours of the incoming tide, and the first hour of the outgoing. After that the water has stained, but sand mullet and croaker can still be taken then. Croakers have moved in in good numbers, with the majority of the fish in the under 10" size, but scatterings of bigger fish to 15" will keep you happy. Shrimp, squid, and fishbites have done the best on the hardheads, and shrimp being the best bait for sand mullet (aka Kingfish or Whiting). Schools of Tarpon are roaming the flats and channels from Oyster north to Wachapreague. Numerous lost fish hook ups have been reported.
Shark fishing has improved inside, but the best news is schools of Redfish spotted this week from Wachapreague south to Willis Wharf.
Ocean reefs and wrecks continue to give up large numbers of flounder to 25". Along with the flounder some Sea Bass, Triggerfish, Spadefish can be taken and good numbers of cobia have been spotted.
Offshore, Yellowfins have been taken on Sam's Hill and in the Washington Canyon. Gaffer Dolphin are scattered everywhere.

Bayside fishing has seen some Redfish from Plantation creek and south. Croakers and sand mullet are showing around creekmouths and on ledges and structure in the bay. Cobia fishing has centered to the CBBT area, where some flounder have been taken around the fourth island.

July 17, 2014

Fishing inside the inlets has been tough the last 10 days, as strong winds have kept water muddied up. Fishing the incoming tides at inlet areas has produced sand mullet, croaker and flounder. One small boat charter managed to hook up three Black Drum and boated two to 30 pounds Sunday, on croaker rigs and squid bait. Shark fishing has been good inside the inlet, as one of the Coast Guard's finest reported last week that an 8' Tiger Shark swam past their dock where they normally swim.
Tarpon schools have been sighted in Oyster and Quinby.
Outside the inlets the reefs are absolutely piled up with flounder to 6 pounds. Eight ounces of weight is required to keep your line as vertical as possible to lessen the number of snags. Bait strips, finger mullet and silversides on rigs can entice these ocean flounder. Also available are Sea Bass, Cobia, triggerfish, spadefish, tautog, bluefish occasional hook ups with red hake, Atlantic cod and Mahi.
Offshore the Lumpy Bottom is producing Mahi and Bluefin Tuna. The Washington Canyon has pilot whale life, with Bigeye and Yellowfin Tuna, and Mahi. The Norfolk Canyon has been producing hook ups with White Marlin. Bottom fishing there is good for jumbo Sea Bass, Tilefish and Grouper.
On the Bayside the Cobia have shrunk in sizes available in our area, larger fish south around Latimer Shoals and the CBBT. Chumming is the best bet to hooking up, followed by sight casting with bucktails and trolling with spoons and eels. The artificial reefs have croaker, sand mullet and occasionally red drum and a lost flounder.
We have got first reports of Spanish Mackerel at the CBBT.
No Redfish to report yet, but when Speckled Trout season opens August 1st, casters will run into some fish and we will keep you updated.

July 11, 2014

Croaker have showed on seaside waters to 15". Flounder still being taken on the incoming tide, on deeper ledges and channels, around the inlet. Best bet is jigging bucktails tipped with silversides and rigged with Gulp. Sand Mullet still being taken around the inlets.
Offshore fishing has picked up, Mahi at the Crotch and anywhere scattered outside the 20 fathom line. Bluefin Tuna showed on Lumpy Bottom today. Bigeye Tuna in the Washington Canyon, with Yellowfin Tuna of various size.
Flounder are piled on the reefs and wrecks, with some scattered Sea Bass.
On the Bayside, Cobia are scattered but around in good numbers. Spot, croaker and Sand Mullet available in creek mouth channels and bottom structure.
Speckled Trout season opens Aug. 1st.

June 20, 2014

Flounder fishing has been holding up good in Wachapreague and Quinby. The incoming tide has produced the best bite, jigging or drifting a flounder rig tipped with a Gulp and a minnow. Sand Mullet are stacked around the inlets, hitting on bloodworms, shrimp and fish bites. Willis Wharf has seen some Redfish and Speckled Trout taken on Mirrorlures, swim baits and peeler crab.
The inshore reefs and a...nd wrecks have seen an influx of flounder and some Sea Bass this week, Capt Gary Rilee on Backwater Adventures had five limits yesterday of flounder to 5 pounds.
Offshore last weekend had a Wachapreague boat land a 200# Bigeye Tuna and two Yellowfins, and others had Yellowfins in the Washington Canyon.
Bayside fishing is Cobia and Spadefish now at its best. The tower off Silver Beach and the Cell below buoy 42 are loaded with spadefish. Cobia are concentrated around the CBBT and off Onancock on the same 10' contour the Big Red Drum were last month. Anchored up with a chum bag and drifting live swimming crabs or eels, and baited up with cut Bunker can catch a Cobia, Rockfish or Red Drum.
Not many people fishing in the creeks, as Rockfish season has closed and Speckled Trout doesn't open till August 1st.

June 13, 2014

Flounder fishing on the Seaside has been best on the incoming tides, with cleaner, cooler ocean water coming in and putting the fish on the feed. Drift and jig deeper cannels and guts. Frozen large silversides have been the best bait on flounder rigs, and Gulp or scented ZMan on your bucktails or jigs. Sand Mullet (aka Whiting or Kingfish) are available in good sizes around the inlets. Size 4 or 6 hooks baited up with shrimp, Gulp, Fishbites and small chunks of cut bait will put fish in your box.
Redfish have showed in the Machipongo River, both Bull Reds and Puppy Drum. Bottom fishing peeler crab or casting plastics, surface plugs and Mirrolures will put fish in the boat, along with some bonus Speckled Trout (Season closed until August 1st). Redfish should already be in the waters of Oyster and Red Bank, and should start showing around Quinby, Wachapreague and Metompkin inlets.
Only some small Sea Bass and very few Flounder showing on the inshore wrecks and reefs. Ocean surface water is in the upper 60's. Offshore action has been north of us.
On the Bayside, Spring Rockfish season closes on the 15th, only a few more days. Speckled Trout, Redfish and Rockfish can be taken in the creeks and around the islands. A few croaker are here, but scattered. Fisherman's Island area has an abundance of Sand Mullet, but Flounder fishing on the Bayside has not materialized. Cobia are red hot from the CBBT north to Onancock. Anchor up in known Cobia areas, hang a bucket of chum overboard, bait up with cut bunker, live swimming eels or crabs and hang on.
I had a good outing this week north of Schooner Bay, one 26" Redfish, a 5# Speckled Trout and Rockfish up to 28" on Mirrolures and topwater plugs.

Stop by and check out our sale rack of rods and combos. We have taken 20% off a number of rods and combos that were already competitively priced. Shimano, Ugly Stick, Penn and Sea Striker and Daiwa are on the rack.

June 4, 2014

Flounder fishing has started into a summertime pattern. Smaller fish on the flats and legal sized fish are holding up in deeper drains and channels. Drifting a flounder rig off the back of the boat while jigging a bucktail tipped with a minnow or Gulp will still put flatties in the boat. Target Drawing and Green Channels or Millstone Creek for your best results. Best colors have been pink/white teaser skirt and trailer or Chartreuse/Green/White color combos on your bucktail.
Rockfish and Black Drum fishing on the ocean side is slowing down, while Red Drum fishing has picked up, as the Rockfish and the Blacks are heading north. Smaller Redfish should be showing up soon, as they have been thick coming up the coast off Virginia Beach.
Offshore fishing is starting up, "Teaser" landed 5 Yellowfin Tuna and "White Bite" had 3 Makos. The inshore wrecks are not producing much yet.
On the Bayside Rockfish up to 30" are available in and at the creek mouths, season stays open until June 16th. The first local water cobia of the season was caught last weekend off Onancock Creek. Spadefish should also be available off the Silver Beach Tower and around the Cell. Some Bull Red Drum are still on the flats around Parkers Island.
The CBBT has had flounder, sheepshead and Black Drum taken, along with Rockfish and a few Gray Trout. Sand mullet are outside and in The Ditch at Fisherman's Island. Croaker have been caught, but scattered and not in any numbers yet.
Eastern Shore Anglers Club hosts it's Kayak and Canoe Rockfish Tournament this Saturday out of Bayford, 10:30 am - 3:30 pm

May 24, 2014

Flounder fishing in Wachapreague continues to be good. Smaller flatties can be taken on the flats, with larger fish in drains, channels and deeper water. Pink, white and chartreuse are your best colors for flounder rigs. Fishing a float on the rig improves your chances on hooking up. Quinby and Folley Creek have also been giving up decent flounder, but fewer numbers.
Capt Gary Rilee on "Backwater Adventures" had a charter this week that boxed 11 big flounder. He can be reached at 804-695-6266 for booking a charter.
Bayside fishing is improving, with redfish, speckled trout and good numbers of Rockfish up to 28" in shallows and on the flats. Big Bull Red Drum are still available in the deeper flats north of Pungateague Creek. Capt BW James is the best around for producing Redfish in the over 50" range, if you would like to book a trip of a lifetime call Capt James at 757-710-2050.

May 15, 2014

Flounder fishing continues to be good out of Wachapreague. Flounder can be found on the flats feeding on bloodworms, as well as the drains and channels. Large Bull Red Drum have been spotted on Swash flats in less than two feet of water. The first croaker of the season was landed this week. Rockfish and Gray Trout can be found in the channels and will take bait or jigged lures. In the surf Rockfish black and red drum are available, best baits are sea clams and peeler crab.
Inside Quinby and Machipongo Inlets black drum are close to the peak of fishing, sea clams are your best bait. Also inside the inlets are schoolie Rockfish and Bluefish.
Bayside fishing improves every day. Black Drum are up the Bay as far as Cape Charles. Rockfish are scattered, with schoolies inside the creek mouths and keeper Rockfish out toward the shipping channels. Bull Red Drum are stacked up on the flats from Onancock Creek to Pungateague Creek. Casting 6"-8" swim baits or hard baits, or trolling with large Tony, Drone or Hopkins spoons will put a citation on the wall, as any of these fish over 26" must be released.
Last weekend Speckled Trout showed on the outside of the islands from Schooner Bay to Saxis(Fish must be released until August 1st).
Today is the last day of Spring Trophy Rockfish season, May 16 regulations change to two fish a day over 28" on the seaside, and two fish a day on Bayside over 18"(only one of which can be over 32").

May 10, 2014

Warmer weather has lit up the fishing. Flounder fishing out of Wachapreague and Quinby has picked up greatly since last weekend. Water temps on the outgoing tides have reached 70 degrees off the flats, and dropping over 10 degrees at the end of the flood tide, shutting down the bite then. Flounder have been moving up on the flats, gorging themselves on bloodworms. Rockfish and Gray Trout are in the deeper channels, hanging around the bait balls.
Black Drum fishing at Quinby and Machipongo Inlets has cranked up, as well as Rockfish off the Barrier Islands. Sea Clams are your best Black Drum bait, and peeler crabs for Rockfish and Red Drum.
Large Bull Red Drum are on the flats off Parkers Island off of Onancock in good numbers. Trolling large spoons in 4-10' of water or casting 6" swim baits is your best bet for a Bull Red.
Results of the Flounder Tournament are:
Capt. Zeds weigh ins
1st place Ron Greaser 7 lb 13 oz
2nd place Greg Stanksy 5 lb 12 oz
3rd place Mitchell Howard 5 lb 9 oz
4th place Cindy Stauffer 5 lb 7 oz
5th place Gene Stalls 5 lb 6 oz
Wachapreague Marina weigh ins
1st place Jim Shuty 7 lb 14 oz
2nd place Gene Stalls 5 lb 8 oz
3rd place Cindy Stauffer 5 lbs 8 oz
4th place Henry Fabricatore 5 lb 7 oz
5th place Jesse Steele 5 lb 5 oz

May 1, 2014

Windy weather has been hampering fishing. Water clarity has remained good despite the winds and heavy rains. My fishing partner Jim Shuty and I have the biggest fish on the board so far, 7 pounds 14 ounces, caught Saturday. Folley Creek has been producing good numbers of fish at markers 80-84, the power lines and inside the inlet on the the north bank. Willis Wharf fishing has picked up. Some flounder at the power lines and some nice gray trout up to five pounds. Look for Redfish down by Virginia Landing. Quinby has given up some nice sized flounder, but you have to search for them. Wachapreague flounder have picked up, with the majority of fish taken on the last two hours of the outgoing tide and the first hour and a half of the incoming. Rockfish and gray trout have been taken the last week, Trophy Rockfish season opens today, with one fish per person over 32" legal, only one gray trout may be kept over 12".
Black Drum are starting to show up on the beaches outside the Barrier Islands. They are taking sea clam baits.
Rockfish are showing on the bayside from Tangier Island to Beach Light.

April 23, 2014

Flounder fishing has been spotty. Water temps have been fluctuating with the passing weather fronts. Wachapreague has had some fat fish in the 18-22" sizes, but they are hard to find and not aggressive. Brown slur weed has been rolling in Burtons Bay and the east side of Swash Bay.
Fish the edges of the flats dropping into deeper water until the flats water warms back up.
Using a floating flounder rig improves your chances in the weed.
Folley Creek and Gargatha have produced some fish, as has the Quinby area. Willis Wharf has surprisingly not produced yet, but Redfish schools have been sighted in the shallows when water has cleared.
Schoolie Rockfish have been caught in Wachapreague and Quinby.
The two flounder tournaments start this Friday and run thru May 4th, so plan on having plenty of company on the water.
WE HAVE A GOOD SUPPLY OF LARGE LIVE MINNOWS, along with all the flounder tackle to make you a winner.

April 6, 2014

Water temps this week were 43-62 degrees. Warmest water was in the Willis Wharf area, but no fish showed there. A few flounder were taken out of Quinby, more out of Wachapreague, but the better bite was out of Folley Creek. Sightings of redfish out of Quinby and Wachapreague, so keep a casting reel handy for the puppy drum schools.



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